Educators Bed and Breakfast Travel Network ($40/Night at Locations Worldwide)

educators bed and breakfast travel

Do you love to spend those summers off traveling around the globe?  If so, the Educators Bed and Breakfast Travel Network might be worth considering.  A $36 annual fee gets you unlimited accommodations at host homes in the world for two for just $40/night.  See the world and meet new friends in the process.

From their website:

Educators Travel Network (ETN) is an innovative and affordable way to travel.

Our membership only organization is for people who work or worked in the vast field of education. Whether you are a teacher, librarian, school nurse, counselor, coach, etc. From public or private schools, universities or any other learning institution, current employee or retired, we welcome you to join us.

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2 Responses to Educators Bed and Breakfast Travel Network ($40/Night at Locations Worldwide)

  1. Melba Engle says:

    Desire to swap home in Orlando, FL for Christmas holidays with space for 2 in Elgin, IL area.

    Melba Engle 4o7-894-8576 or

  2. Janetkornic says:

    will swap newer 3-bedroom home in North Port, FL (just north of Port Charlotte and south of Venice) from November 26 to December 26 for home in Pasadena, CA area.

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